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We provide medical air evacuation and specialist patient transport services out of Arusha to Tanzanians and visitors.

The only air ambulance service based in Tanzania, we provide high-level air evacuation and specialised medical air transport service out of Arusha Airport. Operating a specially equipped twin engine aircraft with trained medical professionals and experienced pilots on board, we are able to assist you in a medical emergency.

Arusha Medivac meets the needs of the Tanzanian population and visitors in providing rapid response medical air evacuation and air patient transfer out of Arusha within Tanzania and to Nairobi, Kenya.

We are the only service provider in Tanzania with our own aircraft and professional medical team. 

Arusha Medivac is a friendly and committed team of expats and Tanzanians committed to meeting your emergency medical needs.

Arusha Medivac commenced in 2016, committed to providing an air ambulance service operating a specialised twin engine aircraft out of Arusha, Tanzania.

Jacek Rejman

Director and Chief Pilot

Sarah Rejman


Arusha Medivac provides memberships to ensure guaranteed air ambulance service.


Corporate memberships are available for businesses in Tanzania to cover their employee’s and tourist’s emergency medical needs.


Tourist insurance is available to visitors to Tanzania, directly or via their tour agent. 


Individual and Family memberships are available for those living in Tanzania who wish to ensure their family is looked after in medical emergencies.

Arusha Medivac was established to meet the emergency medical needs of all Tanzanians and its visitors.

The founders wish to ensure those who cannot afford a higher level of medical care still have access to the best healthcare available when it is needed.