Terms and Conditions

All clients agree to the following terms and conditions, where the client is unable to do so Arusha Medivac will not be able to assist the client. We will act on the advice of medical professionals for the best interest of the client and the Arusha Medivac team.

The team of Arusha Medivac will do everything in their ability to assist the client where possible to meet their flight requirements. The team of Arusha Medivac reserves the right to use their own judgement in relation to the safety of the client the team and the aircraft. All final decisions on whether to assist a client falls with Arusha Medivac.

Arusha Medivac will contact a medical professional on the patients’ behalf where they believe it is necessary to do so. Arusha Medivac will provide the highest level of medical service, but does not take responsibility for the worsening condition or the demise of the client.

Arusha Medivac is not able to pay for the following expenses or assist in the circumstances:

  • Additional medical expenses outside the cost of transport, including ground transfers, inpatient, outpatient fees, etc;

  • Search and rescue - in the event the client does not have a known location;

  • Psychiatric - The Arusha Medivac Team reserves the right to refuse to serve a client where the safety of the team, aircraft or patient are at risk for psychiatric reasons. In the event the Arusha Medivac team agrees to assist a psychotic client, the team reserves the right to sedate and restrain the client as needed.

Arusha Medivac is restricted geographically in our area of operation, as such we are able and willing to fly from and within Tanzania and to Nairobi, Kenya. 

Fraud, whether attempted or actual, will be treated very seriously. Any detected fraud will render the subscriber liable to pay in full and costs incurred by Arusha Medivac.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:

  • Members can cancel their membership at anytime.

  • The only valid method for canceling membership is through email. Request to cancel your membership by emailing info@arushamedivac.org.

  • Once a membership is cancelled, all members associated with the membership will lose access.

  • Membership fees are non-refundable.