Arusha Medivac provides memberships to ensure guaranteed air ambulance service.

We provide three levels of memberships at Arusha Medivac. Our aim is to provide a high-level air ambulance service to ensure you are covered in your time of need. Whether you work, live or are visiting Tanzania we have a membership for you.


Corporate memberships are available for businesses in Tanzania to cover their employee’s and tourist’s emergency medical needs. We are happy to tailor the right corporate membership for your business’ needs.


Tourist insurance is available to visitors to Tanzania, directly or via their tour agent. We will provide a medical air ambulance to your preferred destination within Tanzania or to Nairobi, Kenya. Depending on the duration of your time spent in Tanzania, memberships are $15 per tourist for no more than 4 weeks.


Individual and Family memberships are available for those living in Tanzania who wish to ensure their family is looked after in medical emergencies. Starting at $50 per individual member per annum, one free flight per year will be provided from your location to your preferred destination within Tanzania or to Nairobi, Kenya.

Insurance Companies

We work directly with insurance companies too. Please contact us to discuss your particular client needs.

For more information about memberships or to apply for coverage, email